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R K Shingadiya,Y R Sapkota, P B Bedarkar, B J Patgiri, P K Prajapati
February 2017

Acne, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, hyper pigmentation, seborrhic dermatiti

Dr. Manojkumar Mastud and Dr. Sanjay Babar
February 2017
Dr. Manojkumar Mastud and Dr. Sanjay Babar

V.S Kathavate, H.V Hegde and S.D Kholkute
April 2015

 “We are like one winged angles. It is only when we help each other that we can fly” Luciano de Cresenzo An Italian Writer, Actor

This saying is worth q

Selected Articles
Dr. Anuradha Patil , Dr.M.S.Nagmothi and Dr.S. S. Vaidya
December 2013

In vitro antimicrobial activity was checked using Agar diffusion method and Agar diluti

Dr. Kalpana Nanote and Dr. Kiran Tawalare
October 2013

Ayurveda is stream of knowledge coming down from generation to gene

C Y Jagtap and P K Prajapati
April 2013

Standards are living documents, which reflect science, technology a

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