Rasamruta-Letter From Editor
Letter from the Editor
We are happy to inform you that Rasamruta has successfully completed five years. These Five years of journey was very exciting and the journal has reached the new heights. Today the journal has a vast readership with readers from throughout the globe. Also the number of articles we are receiving for publication has increased very substantially. Rasamruta is already indexed in Google scholar,Science Central,Ayush Research portal and Ayurbhishak. We are continuously working hard to improve the quality of the articles in Rasamruta so that it serves as an effective medium for propagation of scientific Research and innovative thoughts in the field of Ayurveda .Therefore it will be appropriate to write articles based on Clinical and Laboratory facts instead of just review from text books.However the review articles will be appreciated if clearly indicated future line of work. I would like to say that Rasamruta is not just a journal but it is a mission.
Considering this commitment of the journal towards the great science of Ayurveda , Rasamruta has maintained its uniqueness by providing open access to full articles and not charging any review or publication fees from the Authors. We would appreciate your support and guidance to the journal in reaching new heights.
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